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We (Ben&Linda) cycle around the world and help people in poverty. After Corona we are set to go starting in the Netherlands. We expect to be on the road for seven years.

We use the name XPLORid. This refers to exploring the world, saying goodbye to our comfortable life (to exit) and it's a reference to our Idworx bicycles.

We share the same passions: snowboarding, mountainbiking and backpacking. The wish of the two of us cycling around the world made it all clear.

In spring 2020 we leave our home city Maastricht and cycle to the east. To Turkey, Iran, China, Mongolia. Then to the south, to India, Indonesia, Australia. Next to Canada and the US. Through central America all the way down to Patagonia. Along the west coast of Africa back to Europe.



I love living a meaningfull life, freedom, sports and traveling. 

I am not materialistic and I am selling almost all of my stuff. I prefer nature in stead of crowds. I'd rather go to a concert of one good artist (Coldplay) than to a festival. 

The TV is always turned off, except for good movies (Avatar, Millenium and The Hunger Games Trilogy) or series (Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Homeland, La casa de papel, Lost and Friends). I like to read books like Millenium and The Hunger games. 

I am adventurous and enjoy discovering new things. For example, I like to take Ben to new sauna locations or to explore a new cycle route. 

I like to sing (in the shower). I know a lot of lyrics by heart. 

I love the sun, the beach and the sea. I snorkel for hours in the water to find beautiful sea urchin shells. I like to be the first on the beach in the morning to pick up shells. 

I like to watch the (falling) stars and the full moon. I keep track of the lunar cycle and look for reflection in it. 

I am what they call a hard worker and I love the motto "a deal's a deal". After having worked in sales for 12 years, I started the process of (self) awareness throughout my whole life. 

I no longer have a car and live as CO2 neutral as possible. I eat meat twice a week and fish once a week. I make purchases as sustainably as possible. 

At home I "brew" kefir and kombucha and I look for healthy and tasty dishes. 

I go to the gym 3 times a week and like to spend the rest of the week actively working at Bever and the Gezondheidswinkel (Health Shop) in Maastricht. My study Health Therapy is on hold during our world bicycle tour. Giving massages is my specialty. I really enjoy getting massages as well.

Because of the world trip, I prepare myself by taking Spanish lessons on Duolingo and trying to play a quena. With my sales skills and organizational talent, I focus on sponsor requests, the press and the packing list.



I am calm, self-conscious, (un)patient, sweet, passionate, sporty, witty, adventurous, quirky, enthusiastic, honest, reliable, persistent, tireless, forgetful, slow, naive and not very structured.


I have an allergy for the words "you must". I choose my own way, and 'm authentic and independent.


I love freedom, sports (swimming and cycling), traveling, backpacking, salsa dancing, exciting stories, John Irving, Quintin Tarantino and massages (give and receive). But most of all I love Linda (and my beautiful Ducati Scrambler).


I like white cool sheets and black coffee (from freshly ground beans). I prefer being in nature and not in a crowded city. I love café De Pieter, swimming pool Jekerdal and my three beautiful daughters.


I love challenges, single malt Scottish peat whiskey, dark chocolate, good food, cooking (melanzane from Italy, Indonesian dishes and gratin dauphinois from France), cherry pie from Hermans bakery, raw herring with onions, fries with mayonnaise and of course my mother's apple pie and chicken soup,

I don't watch TV but I watch good movies (Quintin Tarantino) or series (Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Homeland and La casa de papel). Learn Spanish at Duolingo and harmonica for the world trip.

After creating this website, I'm an expert in designing websites with the Wix website maker.