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During our world tour we usually spend the night in our tent. Wild camping is often prohibited and isn't always save, that's why we ask locals if we can pitch our tent in their garden, garage or shed. In this way we will meet many people living in different conditions.

Our goal is to help people we meet, if needed, in any kind of way. Not by giving money but by buying the things people need. For example groceries at the market. A goat, a sheep or a cow. A new fridge or freezer. Repairing a bicycle, a moped or a car. A visit to the doctor or dentist. Medicine, clothes, shoes, a new roof. Helping to start a small business etc. etc.

We collect 1 euro for every kilometer we cycle. Our goal is 100,000 euro.

Would you like to support us with a donation?

To make the spendings transparent and reliable we have a foundation, named Foundation XPLORid. We will inform you on this website about the way we spend your donation.

Our foundation is a PBO (Public Benefit Organization) Foundation. The benefit for you is that you can deduct your donation from the Dutch income tax or corporate income tax. All funds are spent on aid to people living in poverty. We finance our world tour on bicycle completely by ourselves. 

Do you like to support us?


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